Fortnum and Mason picnic basket

When you want to buy a picnic basket, the sheer variety of options out there can make it tough to choose. However, one place to start can be looking for brands that have a strong recognition and history within the picnic basket making industry. One such place to start, then, would be with a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket.

F&M are regarded as one of the most luxurious brands in the industry. They also create a fine selection of seasonal hampers, tea and coffee sets, and also have a fine range of selections in things like homeware, and even commercially suitable options. As such, going down the route of buying a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket can be expensive yet worthwhile. When you want something that is suitably grandiose, then this is pretty decent place to get started with.

Part of what makes a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket appeal so much is the structural quality. When you see one of their baskets up-close, you can see the massive difference in quality. The actual design, the materials used, and the attention paid during crafting helps to make an F&M picnic basket feel like a very wise purchase indeed.

Why are Fortnum and Mason picnic baskets so respected?

The quality is the primary reason. When you buy any kind of picnic basket, you want something build to be strong and secure. Well, from a wooden picnic basket to a wicker picnic basket and various other options made from canvas and other strong materials, Fortnum and Mason have a proud history of durability. You pay a fair amount on the day, yes, but you are buying a picnic basket that, if cared for with enough time and effort, could last you for a lifetime.

It is for that reason that so many people have decided to start buying Fortnum and Mason picnic basket options. That longevity is worth paying for, especially if you happen to go on a lot of picnic trips. Few other picnic basket brands put in the same effort to styling and structural strength as you get when you turn to an F&M product. That extra attention to precision, then, is a major reason why so many people today are buying this brand.

You want value for money, and while they can be costly a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket is absolutely high value.

Buying a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket

What is the basket made from?

The first place to start is the material. The vast majority of Fortnum and Mason picnic basket options are made using a wood or a wicker material. However, many today are made using materials like willow, rattan, and bamboo. Canvas is popular, too, but not as popular with Fortnum and Mason as it can be with other major brands in the industry.

As such, you should definitely look to put a major focus on what materials are used to help bring this basket together in the future.

How large is the basket?

The larger you go when buying a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket, the more expensive it is. However, it is always better to have a basket that is too large as opposed to one which is too small. Larger baskets can be adapted and filled with more picnic blankets and the like. Something that is too small, though, soon runs out of usefulness.

You might even wish to buy a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket for two, and a basket for four-plus. This gives you options, and ensures you always have the ideal basket size.

Is the Fortnum and Mason picnic basket insulated?

Insulation is common in most picnic baskets from Fortnum and Mason. This is useful as it helps to keep the basket from overheating, thus ruining perishables that have to stay at a cool temperature. If you choose to buy a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket that does not come with an insulation feature, then we highly recommend that you look to buy a removable insulation.

This is useful for longer journeys and really warm days when you might worry that things like jams, butters, and wines could become ruined by the heat.

Is the picnic basket split up into compartments?

Typically, your Fortnum and Mason picnic basket will have some kind of organisational structure. This is useful as it can stop you having things like the spreads falling in with the crackers and whatnot. You should definitely look to buy a picnic basket from F&M that is designed to be easy to keep everything separate.

You do not want to travel for hours, only to open up the basket and find that everything has fallen into one another thus ruining the taste of all of the food that you have brought along and prepared.

Fortnum and Mason picnic basket
Fortnum and Mason picnic basket
Fortnum and Mason picnic basket

Does your Fortnum and Mason picnic basket have accessories?

Given the luxury nature, many of these picnic baskets come with add-ons included. This can include things like knives, forks, spoons, mugs, wine glasses, and even corkscrews. This is a very useful thing to think about as many people make the mistake of going for a picnic but not really thinking about having the tools you need.

This is also why you want to buy a Fortnum and Mason picnic basket with proper organisational space. Space for accessories is very important to maximising the return on your sizeable investment.

How is the Fortnum and Mason picnic basket carried?

Some picnic baskets made by Fortnum and Mason are carried with one handle or two. Others, though, are more like a picnic basket backpack and thus can strap on to your back. Think about that as it can be very important when deciding where you would want to go on your journey.

If you are going to be walking from the car/van via a flat surface, then a normal design is suitable. If you need to deal with hilly surfaces and craggy terrain, though, a picnic basket backpack from Fortnum and Mason could be worth investing in instead.