Picnic basket backpack

When it comes to buying a picnic basket, we typically think of it as a basket carried by hand. However, the invention of the picnic basket backpack is a relative game-changer on that front. Instead of being carried by your hands on a handle, a picnic basket backpack is carried on the back as if you were wearing a school bag. The only difference is that it will likely be much larger and typically more likely to be made of a material like rattan, wicker, bamboo, or even canvas.

If you intend to buy a picnic basket backpack, here are some things to focus on.

Picnic basket backpack buying guide

Is the picnic basket backpack easy to wear?

First off, look into the material of the basket backpack. This will determine how rigid it is, and thus how hard it can be wear to for long journeys. Think about this because many people buy an extremely tough picnic basket backpack only to find out that they find it strains and hurts their back a short period of time into the journey.

What is the picnic basket backpack made from?

This is going to be important. Tougher materials like bamboo or rattan are great, but can be quite hard to work with due to their inflexible nature. However, they provide great protection to the items within and can be relied upon to stay in good shape for longer.

Canvas, though, is much easier to carry and easier to manoeuvre with your body. By contrast, though, it can feel a little more likely to wear, tear, and split.

How is the picnic basket backpack split-up?

By this, we mean the compartments. A good picnic basket backpack should have space for things like your main foods, your sides/snacks, your condiments, your cutlery, your blanket, and your drinks. This means that it should be intelligently laid out, perhaps in sections or levels, where everything can be easily placed into the right section. This maximises the amount you can bring without making it imbalanced.

Picnic basket backpack11
Picnic basket backpack11

Does the picnic basket backpack offer insulation?

A key factor for any long picnic journey is making sure that all of your goods within are properly insulated. Many people make the mistake of having their backpack allow in excess sunlight and to not have a cooling insulator within. We recommend, then, that you use a picnic basket backpack that comes with insulation built in, or can have removable insulation included, to help you keep the products inside safe to eat.

Is the picnic basket backpack closable?

Many of the best picnic basket backpacks cannot be closed over, but others come with a lid. You need to factor in how happy you are to leave things open to the air. If you do use an open-head picnic basket backpack, make sure that you look for one that can be easily compartmentalised. This means keeping things that might attract insects or get ruined by a bit of inclement weather to the bottom to avoid them being soaked or ruined.