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Wooden picnic basket

When it comes to buying a picnic basket, few options are more suitable to the average person than the classic wooden picnic basket. If you intend to go ahead and buy such a product, though, the sheer quantity of options out there can be tough to get your head around. To help you buy the best wood picnic basket that you can, we want to help you work out what matters.

With so many products to pick from and so many attributes and features to focus on, it is surprisingly easy to get confused when buying a picnic basket made from wood.

Why should I buy a wooden picnic basket?

Of course, today many people choose to go down the route of buying picnic baskets made from materials such as canvas. If you are looking for the most classical experience when it comes to going on a picnic, though, a wooden format is the best choice because it simply looks so old-school.

It allows for a spacious environment that protects the food from the elements, but also protects them from being irritated by insects and animals. At the same time, though, a picnic basket made from wood is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The secret to buying a quality wooden picnic basket, though, is to simply focus on buying the right type. With so many features to think about, we recommend that you focus on the following tips when buying a picnic basket made from wood.


Wooden picnic basket buying guide

To get you started on buying a quality picnic basket, we recommend that you try and look for the following attributes and features. The best kinds of wooden picnic basket will all include these, so make sure you focus heavily on the following buyer queries.

Does the picnic basket have a handle?

First off, nobody wants to buy a wooden picnic basket that they must carry with two hands like a cargo box!

You want something that comes with a carrying option, such as a handle. Make sure the handle is built on to the sides of the picnic basket, though, as these tend to be more durable than handles secured to the top of the basket. This is an easy way, then, to make sure that your basket of choice is both durable and safe to work with on a regular basis.

What kind of wood is used?

Before you do anything else, though, spend some time looking into the kind of wood that you are buying. A good quality wooden picnic basket is one that can easily be used for any purpose you have in mind. Yet it should be made from a durable form of wood. You should  be looking for something made from durable wood, though we would argue that bamboo can be among the most impressive if you want a picnic basket made from bamboo.

The type of wood comes down to personal preference, but avoid cheap woods that are brittle.

What size is the picnic basket?

If you are going on a picnic it is unlikely that you are going yourself. So, make sure that you buy a picnic basket that is big enough for the quantity of people who you go with. For example, many might choose to buy a picnic basket for two when they really need one for four. The compartments, the size, the depth, and the weight all change depending on who you buy the picnic basket for.

Keep that in mind, though, as it can play a big role in determining what basket you actually buy.

Does the picnic basket have compartments?

Any good wooden picnic basket should come with numerous compartments for you to work with. The main thing to focus on is having space to keep solids and liquids apart, as well as having a place to store things like cutlery.

This also includes having space for things like corkscrews and utensils so that you can both enjoy that nice picnic experience without having to really worry. A picnic basket is a tremendous investment if you want something to bring for an outdoors event, but it must be more than a single storage compartment if you are bringing multiple item types.

Is the wooden picnic basket insulated?

Many wooden picnic baskets are not insulated, so make sure you look to buy something that has insulation built-in. this is vital because it can be vital to keep perishables from going off due to the excess environmental change. If you are going for a long drive for your picnic journeys, then you must make sure you have some kind of insulation to stop goods from being off by the time you reach your destination.

Built-in insulation is vital, but if you buy a wooden picnic basket without insulation then invest in a removable insulation cooler you can include.

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Is the picnic basket easy to clean?

After you have enjoyed a nice afternoon, you want to make sure you can tidy up and clean out your picnic basket at home with ease. This means making sure that it is easy to dry out, to clean any spillages from, and to wipe down. Some larger picnic baskets made from wood can be a nightmare to clean-up properly.

Well, this can help you to avoid that particular headache by giving you a picnic basket that is easy to clean out. Just look for something that has compartments and gives clear, easy cleaning instructions when you are finished.

What about the look?

Last but by no means least, make sure you are happy with the aesthetic style of your choice. A good quality picnic basket should look cool and it should be very stylish in general. Make sure that you buy something that is modern as opposed to a big, square, brick-like design that looks very outdated.

Of course, if you want to go for a vintage look then go ahead but most people today prefer the more rounded, modern options available for wooden picnic baskets.