Wicker picnic basket

When it comes to buying a picnic basket, few options feel more suitable than the wicker picnic basket. A wicker picnic basket is a fine choice purely because they are so easy to work with. It is the classic choice for many reasons, not least because many of us grew up with wicker around us as a decorative choice. Though less common today, often replaced with rattan, many people choosing to buy a wicker picnic basket will do so because they want something that is classic yet durable.

Want to buy a wicker basket? Then let us help you decide.

Why should I choose a wicker picnic basket?

There are many reasons why one might choose to invest in buying a wicker picnic basket as opposed to other materials like rattan or canvas. Let us look at some of the main reasons why today people tend to focus on a wicker design when they want that classic, old-school look:

  • For one, wicker picnic baskets are very attractive. They look great and tend to be the ideal choice for anyone trying to find that ideal look and style. Wicker looks very modern, despite being a very vintage style, so it can blend in well with the rest of your picnic furnishings (should you have any).
  • At the same time, wicker is very durable. Other picnic basket materials can be brittle; a few bumpy journeys could see parts snapping off and breaking. With wicker, you need to really work to break through that tough material. This makes it great for those who want a strong, durable basket design.
  • Wicker is also very long-lasting. Other styles of basket can weaken and degrade within a few short years. Care for it properly, though, and a wicker picnic basket could last you for a lifetime. It is easily one of the most reliable forms of basket around thanks to the longevity that wicker is famous for.
  • Thanks to the easy ways that wicker can be shaped, too, you can find a wicker picnic basket in just about any size or style combination that you are looking for. A good quality wicker basket can be shaped with a different look to other materials purely because wicker is such a versatile yet tough material.
  • Over time, wicker picnic baskets need next to no maintenance. Other materials can have you carrying out some DIY repairs, but with wicker you don’t have anything like that same worry that you need to spend all day fixing a broken part. So, over time, they can give you the least headaches of other types.
  • Lastly, wicker is extremely safe. It is easy to keep in balance as it is very steady and lightweight. As such, it can be easily used for a picnic basket as it is not going to topple anyone over, jag them with a sharp end, or hurt anyone. This makes a wicker picnic basket a popular choice for families especially.

Wicker picnic basket buying guide

If you want to buy a wicker picnic basket, then you should try and focus on the following factors along the way. These are questions you should seek to answer before making a purchase you will be happy with.

Does your wicker picnic basket have a handle?

Today, most wicker picnic baskets come with a handle that is strapped along the middle section of the basket itself. This means the basket should be carried from the middle. Some will have the carry straps on the side, but this is less common than it is to have them straddled together as one large carrying handle.

However, it is not uncommon for a larger wicker picnic basket to have straps on the sides as well as along the top. It depends, really, on whether or not the basket has a lid or not (see below). It also depends on what you intend to use it for; a picnic basket that is simply filled with goodies and treats could be carried with a lighter handle; a more filled-up picnic basket with cans and bottles might need more sizeable carrying handles instead.

Should you buy a wicker picnic basket with lid?

The next question you should have on your mind comes down to storage. Many people will buy a wicker picnic basket that does not have a lid. Yet if you intend to have any kind of protection for the goodies inside, investing in a wicker picnic basket with lid should be high-up on your list of priorities.

A good, high quality picnic basket is going to be secured from letting anything inside that should not be. That is why a lid is good. It helps to keep insulation, but it also helps to make sure that nothing really goes ‘off’ in the basket.

What size of wicker picnic basket do you need?

Think about the kind of people who you will be going to a picnic with, and thus the kind of size you are going to need to fit everything into the basket. This is a common mistake as many people see a deep wicker picnic basket and assume it is big enough for 4+ people.

However, think about everything you need to bring; cutlery, utensils, drinks, and snacks. It is tough to fit everything into a small basket if you are feeding more than two people. So, always prioritise basket sizing.

How does the wicker picnic basket move?

Most picnic baskets are carried by using handles as we spoke about before. However, some designs tend to use something different such as a wheel system and a pully handle. This is useful if you know you are going to be going on flat and quality terrain. If your trip to a picnic spot is going to be bumpy on the way, though, it might be better to instead focus on getting a wicker picnic basket that can be carried with handles.

Think about your journey destinations when choosing the carrying style overall.

Does the wicker picnic basket have compartments?

When buying a wicker picnic basket you want something with plenty of space inside. However, you also want to keep things apart that could contaminate or ruin the taste of one another. Therefore, you need to find a balance between a quality basket with compartments and a basket with no compartments but more general space. The dividing lines of compartments can obviously get in the way of your basket storing enough space.

Figure out what matters to you most; do you want compartments or do you want a bit of extra storage space for bringing more goods?

Should your picnic basket be foldable?

Wicker is a generally very strong material, but it can be surprisingly flexible. This leads to some wicker picnic baskets that can be folded out into different sizes. Work out what you want, as foldable wicker picnic baskets tend to cost much more.

They are a good choice, though, if you want to simply fold the basket out as opposed to having to take everything in and out of the basket. This is a convenience option, but it means the basket is larger and typically more expensive to buy, also.

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Wicker picnic basket

How is the wicker picnic basket woven?

If you are looking for something that you know is going to last for a long time, then wicker is a good choice. However, it has to be well done. You could, for example, buy a wicker toy picnic basket that is going to last for a few journeys at most. Instead, you should be looking to buy a woven basket that is well-built.

The easiest way to tell good versus bad wicker picnic baskets is the price. Cheap wicker is often poor wicker and will be designed to last for only a short time.

Is the wicker picnic basket insulated?

Wicker baskets typically lack natural insulation, which can see your perishables go off before you get to the journey destination. As such, we highly recommend that you look to buy a picnic basket that has an insulation fitting or can have removable insulation fitted.

This can keep items fresh and safe to eat because nothing is worse than your wicker picnic basket being rotten by the time you get to the destination. So, make sure that you are buying a basket that comes with natural insulation that you can work with for longer trips.

Is the wicker picnic basket waterproof?

Today, many baskets that you can buy for a picnic will be waterproof. That might seem an odd feature as few people go for a wet picnic. However, a good quality picnic basket should be protected from the water and the elements. Make sure that the wicker picnic basket you buy is good enough to take water soaking without becoming brittle or weak.

Also, ensure that the items inside are protected thanks to good weaving that does not allow for gaps for water to breakthrough. Now, if you get caught in a storm, you can still have some fun!