Vintage Picnic Basket

If you are going to buy a picnic basket that is going to last you for a long time to come, you might wish to focus on buying a vintage picnic basket. These are typically more old-school in their design, and are a great choice for anyone trying to buy a picnic basket that feels a touch more opulent. It can be a better choice, too, if you are buying a picnic basket as a gift.

However, to get started, we recommend you think about the following questions as part of your decision to buy a vintage picnic basket.

Vintage picnic basket buying guide

Does the vintage picnic basket have enough space?

Typically, old-school picnic baskets have lots of interior space and organization. Make sure that your chosen vintage picnic basket has enough space for things like plates, utensils, napkins, cutting boards etc. as well as the obvious foods and drinks.

Most vintage picnic baskets will come with a space for each area, so make sure your chosen basket is big enough for your picnic party size.

Is the vintage picnic basket deep enough?

A common problem with more modern picnic baskets is they can be a touch on the shallow side. They can often lack the depth needed to fit everything into one basket, even with organization. Therefore, you should always look to value the deeper picnic baskets when looking at vintage options. This gives you more space, especially as things like wine bottles can be surprisingly chunky and take up more room than you considered.

How is the vintage picnic basket carried?

Most baskets will use a carrying system like a pair of handles or one large, strong handle across the middle. You should always look to determine your choice of vintage picnic basket based on the handle type you like.

Think about the size and the weight, as well as what the weight will be if you have the basket full. Think about, then, the need to carry with one or two hands: what is more suitable for you?

Vintage Picnic Basket
Vintage Picnic Basket
Vintage Picnic Basket

Is the vintage picnic basket made from durable material?

Just about any classic picnic basket will be made using wooden materials, or wicker. You should therefore look to make sure you are happy with the material. Also, keep in mind that most vintage picnic baskets do not have insulation so you might want to buy a removable insulation addition that you can include for journeys when you have lots of temperature sensitive perishable items.

Does your vintage picnic basket have a lid?

This might seem obvious, but many hampers today come without lids so they can be left open-faced and easily accessed. However, most vintage picnic baskets will come with a lid – and we recommend you buy a lidded picnic basket. This keeps things like insects out, and can also be good to help keep the temperature more balanced and under general control as you eat.

Buying a vintage picnic basket means often making a few concessions, particularly in cost, but ask yourself the above questions and it should be easier to buy a vintage picnic basket that you are happy with.