Joules picnic basket

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When it comes to buying quality picnic baskets, you have many options to choose from. One company that gets a lot of positive press in the UK, though, is Joules. Formed in 1989, Joules has grown in a 30-year period to become a very well-respected name. Inspired by countryside life, they are known for creating quality clothing, accessories, and homeware that can be used for everyday purposes. This includes buying a Joules picnic basket.

If you intend to buy a Joules picnic basket, though, we recommend you think about the following queries before investing in a product.

Joules picnic basket buying guide

What material do you prefer?

You can buy a Joules picnic basket in many different styles, ranging from a classic wood or wicker style to a more modern canvas option.

You need to decide what you prefer, as this is mostly a personal choice. Larger baskets tend to come in durable wood, while smaller Joules picnic baskets can be made from materials such as canvas. Always look for something that is durable and capable of handling weather changes first and foremost.

Is the Joules picnic basket large enough?

Think about how many people you are going picnicking with, and then determine how much space you need. Typically, a Joules picnic basket for four can fit enough for far more than this, but a Joules picnic basket for two can be a struggle to fit in more than enough for, at most, three people. So, look at the size requirements and then remember that you need to factor in not only food and drink, but blankets, utensils, and accessories that you need as you eat.

Does the Joules picnic basket include accessories?

Speaking of accessories, make sure you either buy an accessorised picnic basket or that you bring your own accessories to include. Some include as much as plates and cutlery, while others might provide a corkscrew or something similar. Think about this, though, as it could help you to save a little bit of money later.

Joules picnic basket
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4 Person Denim Picnic Hamper

How is the Joules picnic basket carried?

Many Joules picnic baskets are carried by hand, but a few can be worn on the back. If you think you will be waking up a lot of hills, then carrying one by hand can be better as you want to avoid excess back weighting. At the same time, you might want to focus on getting a picnic basket that can be carried on your back if you are running into a lot of awkward or craggy ground en-route to your chosen destination.

Is the Joules picnic basket chilled?

Think about the insulation provided, as not every Joules picnic basket will come with an insulation system fitted. This is vital as chilled items must stay at the right temperature or run the risk of spoiling. So, be sure to look at any Joules picnic basket and determine if it is already got an insulation fitting or if you need to think about investing in an insulation add-on.